Learn How To Make Extra Income Flipping Cars

Flipping cars is a process, and fortunately it can be learned and duplicated!

Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • Knowledge About What It Takes To Start Flipping Cars
  • My Process For Finding, Reconditioning, Marketing, and Selling My Cars
  • An Actionable Timetable For Your First Flip
  • Bi-Weekly Calls
  • Full Recording of Every Call

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Frequently Asked Questions

What could coaching do for me?

Car Flipping is a process. It's a step by step sequence of events that, if done correctly, can lead to significant profits. My coaching guides you through my process for buying and selling cars for profit. I take you through what it takes to find, recondition, market, and sell your cars. Like with anything in life, once you've done it once, the next time is easier. My goal is to walk you through your first flip from beginning to end.

How much will this cost?

This will vary depending on the level of coaching you would like/need. This is discussed in the free call.

What if I don't know anything about cars?

At one point you didn't know anything about computers, and yet somehow you found your way to my website. Car Flipping is a lot like that. A lack of knowledge is just that, a lack of something. Our coaching programs are designed to equip you with knowledge and information to take you from any skill level to completing your first flip.

How much cash do I need to be willing to invest in my first car?

It depends on what kind of cars you would like to flip. You can, however, begin buying cars for as little as $1000 (or less).

Is there a guarantee?

If at anytime you are not satisfied, we'll refund your money. No questions asked.


Could flipping cars replace my income?

I quit my job as General Manager of a car dealership to flip cars full time. I now make more income flipping cars from home than I did working 50-60 hour weeks. So yes, it most definitely can replace your income. This will of course depend on the amount of time and cash you have to invest, but it is extremely possible!

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

Think of any skill you have. Why are you good at it? You consider it a skill because you spent time developing it. You worked at it. Maybe you even paid money to learn more about it. Anyone that is willing to learn the car flipping process can be a successful car flipper.

Why should I consider car flipping as opposed to something like trading stocks?

I bought and sold stocks for a while and have never been more stressed in my life. If you're looking for long term profits, investing in the stock market has it's benefits. But if you want to make cash right now, car flipping blows away the stock market! Not only is the return on investment higher, a car can never be worth $0 like a stock.

Is this coaching applicable to people living outside the United States?

Yes! This coaching works anywhere in the world cars are sold. As long as you have access to used cars for sale and people looking to buy used cars, this process will work.